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Twin Town La Spezia

Since 1999 Bayreuth has been twinned with the Italian town of La Spezia. La Spezia, a modern harbour, an industrial town as well as a naval base, is set amongst green Mediterranean hills and lush vegetation. The town has 110,000 inhabitants and is situated in the beautiful Italian Riviera on the Gulf of La Spezia. The town is characterised by its tree-lined avenues, orange trees, cedars and magnolias. Out of the sea in front of La Spezia rise the steep mountains of Cinque Terre, a charming landscape with vineyards, old fishing villages and small bathing beaches.

La Spezia

In the East the region is bordered by the Apuanic Alps. The whole region is a natural park on the Ligurian Sea. Picturesque seaside resorts like Portovènere and Lerici complete the picture. The most beautiful sailing ships in the world meet here annually in the Bay of La Spezia for a regatta and the spectacular "Palio del Golfo", a feast at the seaside, which takes place on the first Sunday in August. Northern Tuscany, with its towns of Pisa or Lucca is not far away.

Tourism in La Spezia is connected with art and culture. The new museum, Lia, houses an important private collection donated to the community which includes painters of the Italian Gothic of the13th, 14th and 16th century, sculptures of bronze, ivory, wood and corals, splendid Limoge enamels from the Middle Ages, rock crystals and finest gothic ivory works. Besides this unique collection, La Spezia has other interesting museums: the municipal museum with its archaeological and ethnographical departments, the shipping museum of the navy, the fortress San Giorgio and the Little Art Palace. But there is also a hidden La Spezia to discover, showing many facets from the art nouveau period.

It is charming to visit the old heart of La Spezia and discover it for yourself by just wandering around, combined with visiting museums, churches, exhibitions and theatres. In La Spezia tourism connected with shipping is growing. With the opening of the harbour station, cruising tourism is going to develop.

The most important activity for the region of La Spezia is tourism, people who look for culture, art, excellent gastronomy, comfortable accommodation and cordial but not intrusive hospitality. Tourists that don’t travel " fast", who don’t like noise and fast food, but look for love of detail and individual care, who choose places which they can quietly discover and enjoy.



Information about Bayreuth
Town of Bayreuth - General office
P.O box 10 10 52
95410 Bayreuth
Tel: +49 921/25 15 60 APT

Information about La Spezia
Azienda di Promozione Turistica
Viale Mazzini 47
I - 19100 La Spezia
Tel: +39 0187 77 09 00
Fax: +39 01 87 77 09 08

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