Stadt Bayreuth

Bayreuth – City of Culture

The international reputation of Bayreuth as a cultural capital is mainly a result of the Richard Wagner Festival. Around 60,000 visitors experience the landmark interpretations by the stars of the Wagner Festival.

But it is not only since the 19th century that important artists have been attracted to the valley surrounded by forest on the river „Red Main“. The architect Michael Mebarth from Strasbourg influenced the townscape with his buildings in the 17th century. And when the 35-voice organ rebuilt by him in 1619 was inaugurated in the main church, Margrave Christian invited the most important organists: Michael Preatorius, Heinrich Schütz, Samuel Scheidt and Johann Staden. For more information see here


Bayreuth is essentially renowned for Richard Wagner. But the history of the town has been eventful, and it can be discovered in the museums. In Bayreuth you can find some 25 various museums and collections.


Without any doubt an interesting and lively city like Bayreuth can offer you a high-class event schedule all year round. We will tell you what’s going on in Bayreuth – whenever you are ready to visit! For more information see here

Town Hall and Oberfrankenhalle

Guest performances and international actors, singers and touring companies, for example the Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and the theatre from Hof are regular guests at the Town Hall, performing concerts, operas, musicals and plays. Special highlights are the concerts of international rock and pop stars in the Oberfrankenhalle.

Independent Theatres

The studiobühne theatre company consists of a mixture of professionals and ambitious amateurs. This group of 100 people has an excellent reputation, and has been in existence for over 20 years. They put on approximately 260 performances per year, in their own theatre as well as in open air at the Hermitage and Sanspareil.  And the Brandenburger Kulturstadl is an amateur theatre group with emphasis on comedy and fairy tales for children.

Ticket Service

Pre-booking-service and sales of tickets for all events (except the Richard Wagner Festival):

Tourist Office
Opernstraße 22, 95444 Bayreuth
Tel.: +49 9 21/6 90 01; Fax: +49 9 21/8 85 38


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