Stadt Bayreuth



Via our service you will find round-the-clock information and support when arriving and settling down in the Region of Bayreuth. After all, a new start is always exciting.


Bayreuth Coaches („Bayreuth Lotsen“)

We provide you with support from trained Bayreuth Coaches. These, for example, accompany foreign-born citizens in administrative formalities and can assist when communication difficulties arise in schools or companies.

Many of our voluntary Bayreuth Coaches have themselves moved to Bayreuth from abroad, and know from personal experience how new citizens can be helped to find their feet. Support from Bayreuth Coaches is free of charge. Are you interested? Please contact the Volkshochschule Bayreuth (VHS) or the city’s Department of Business Development.

Relocation services

Whoever needs more help would be best-served by a professional relocation service: Relocation service-providers assist you and your family over the entire process of moving. Whether it is help in finding accommodation, in performing administrative formalities or in preparing for a new language and cultures – private, professional relocation services provide expert support.