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While you and your partner pursue your occupations, you can be sure your children are given the best possible care. Numerous facilities in the Region of Bayreuth offer the provision of various forms of child care for your youngsters.

Bayreuth is one of the first cities in Bavaria to have achieved the full provision of pre-school positions: Within the municipal area, parents may decide from a high-quality offering consisting of 40 child day-care facilities and approx. 2,500 places for all age levels. Within the Administrative District, there are a further 72 child day-care facilities to choose from.

In child-care centers, children are given car for the whole day or part of the day. Depending on the age of your child, you can choose between the following types of care facilities:

Kinderkrippe – Crèche, ideal for „Minis“ (children from 0 to 3)

Attention from and closeness to pre-school teachers in the crèche are especially important. Toddlers and babies in crèches receive age-appropriate meals and follow suitable nap times. Depending on their age level, they participate in games and early education activities.
Crèches are offered by private, public and church providers. Costs vary, and in part depend on parent income.

Home Day-Care

Home Day-Care mothers in the City and Administrative District of Bayreuth often represent the only alternative to a crèche position. It is often also at the wish of many parents, to have their children cared for in a familiar environment.

Kindergarten – Preschool, a place kids make their own (children between 3 and 6)

The preschool opens up a wealth of experience and educational opportunities for children. Besides lots of playing and running around, preschools always waken the curiosity of children.
Many preschools also feature a colorful diversity of varied nationalities, which enriches their educational work. Some facilities moreover explicitly aim at the integration of physically or mentally handicapped children, and shared learning with non-handicapped children.

As a rule, preschool begins in the morning and ends at midday of in the afternoon. Most preschools also offer regular whole-day care. Pre-schools are provided by municipalities, as well as churches, associations and other private institutions. As with crèches, the prices vary.

Childcare facilities at Firms and University

Some large firms have their own child care places for the supervision of children of company staff. The personnel department of your firm will be able to give you more information in this regard. The University of Bayreuth also operates child care facilities. More information can be found at the Family-friendly Academy.


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