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To assure that your family life remains intact even after moving to Germany, a permit of residence is granted to family members – i.e. marriage partners and children under 18 years of age (Family reunification). This also applies to Germans who wish to bring over their foreign spouse or life partner.

To this end you must be in possession of a permit of settlement or residence. Further preconditions include sufficient living space for you and your family members as well as a secure income, and your arriving spouse must evidence basic skills in German (Level A1).

The permit of residence for family members is temporary and contains a work permit of the same duration as that of the partner already living in Germany. Any title of residence must explicitly permit the pursuit of an occupation to enable working in Germany.

The requirements for family reunification are very comprehensive and cannot be described here in full detail. We therefore expressly recommend you approach the relevant Aliens Authority office well before relocating your family.