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Normally friendships develop naturally over the years, and don’t have to be sought. Moving to another region, however, means settling in to your new home and building up a new circle of friends and acquaintances. We can help you find helpful facilities and groups in this regard.

Meeting new people

Whether its sports, culture or social activity you’re looking for – with hundreds of registered clubs, the Region of Bayreuth is home to a diversity of interests. Attending a club will mean making contact with others quickly and guarantee activity according to your own taste. The home page of your municipality will contain an overview of clubs in your place of residence.

Via the Facebook group „New in Bayreuth“ you will regularly find like-minded people looking for someone to go to the cinema with in the evening, or who are planning a weekend excursion. Regular meetings provide quick, easy access to the Region.

Since 2013, the „Get togethers“ of relocator Kerstin Gierth have been as popular with newcomers as well as born-and-bred Bayreuthers. These free meetings are refreshingly different and are appreciated by many international employees of the Region’s companies.

Six foreign languages and cultures meet in the club house of the International Society in Schulstraße 5, Bayreuth, for cultural, culinary and musical events. The International Circle comprises the German-Czech Society, the German-French Society, the German-Spanish Society, the German-Polish Society as well as the German-English Society.

A popular port of call for new residents in Germany generally is the adult education center (VHS). The adult education centers in the City and Administrative District of Bayreuth are both centers of further education and of encounter with others. Its program of courses comprises the areas of languages, health, culture and creativity, professional further training, society and politics.

Learning Languages

The Language Cafe of the adult education center in the City of Bayreuth provides interested people the free opportunity to speak foreign languages in a context beyond that of traditional language instruction.

At language „regulars’ tables“ of the University, students meet in a bar or pub in order to speak a particular language. These regular meetings are generally organized by students who are native speakers of the respective language. Everyone is welcome, regardless of whether they speak the language perfectly or have just started learning.


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