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Deciding on the right professional training or university course is one of the most important decisions in the life of a young person. With its numerous companies offering training contracts in the trades, industry and commerce, the University of Bayreuth and the nearby colleges in Hof and Coburg, the Region of Bayreuth offers the best possible opportunities for starting a career.

If you wish to take up training in Germany, good German skills are essential. Citizens of non-EU states also require a visa. Further information on prerequisites can be found at the internet portal „Make it in Germany“.

Professional Training

Professions in Germany are generally learnt in college training. Professional experience is gained by doing practicals in firms.

The duration of training is not standardized, but varies between two and three and a half years according to the specific profession and level of pre-existing knowledge. A contract is signed between the trainee and the company offering training before the start of the course, which specifies the duration of training, contents and aims of the training, as well as the rate of training pay.

Many professions are meanwhile also taught within the system of dual training, which is highly respected amongst firms for its mix of professional experience in firms and the teaching of specialized theoretical knowledge at vocational training college.

Training contracts for dual professional training are awarded by the firms themselves, meaning candidates for the positions must apply at a firm themselves. The training courses normally start in August or September, although firms usually begin seeking suitable candidates on year in advance. Training positions can be found in the daily newspapers, on company homepages, and at training course exchanges.

University Study in Bayreuth

The University of Bayreuth is one of the youngest universities in Germany. The very much research-oriented university has developed most dynamically since its founding in 1975. Good supervision, high academic standards, interdisciplinary cooperation and scientific excellence regularly secure the university top places in the rankings for tertiary institutions. In so doing, it stands out particularly for its interdisciplinary research and close cooperation with business and industry.

At the moment about 13,000 young people are studying here. Meanwhile, almost every second student comes from a federal state other than Bavaria, or from abroad. In contrast to many other countries, studying in Germany is free, with no university charges applying to undergraduate degrees at most public tertiary institutions.

Foreign students and scientists studying, teaching and researching at the University of Bayreuth, are well-supported by the University’s International Office.

Upon graduating, many students find employment in one of our regional firms, or go into business here with their own entrepreneurial ideas.


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