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Sports in Bayreuth

Statistically speaking, every third inhabitant of Bayreuth is a member of a sports association. There are about 24,000 members in over 60 associations. In basketball, ice hockey, soccer and table tennis Bayreuth has achieved success beyond the regional level.

Numbers and lists can’t describe the town’s sports sufficiently. It is characterised by its wide variety: from aerobics to hiking, from billiards to weightlifting, from horse riding to golf. A wide range of public and private sports facilities is available. For more information see here

Variety of pools and spas

Bayreuth is well on its way to become a leading leisure and health centre. For more information see here

Golf course

The Bayreuth golf course is situated on rolling hills and is within the city boundaries of Bayreuth. The 18-hole Championship course is complemented by a 9-hole short course. There is also a Driving Range with Putting- and Pitching Greens.

Cycling in Bayreuth und vicinity

Some of the important cycling paths will lead you to Bayreuth. You will find useful information about Bayreuth by bike by checking the websites of the ADFC (German cycling association), starting from a city map for cyclists, tours in and around Bayreuth, to important service addresses.

Sports center:

multi-purpose sports hall for 2,000 to 6,000 people

Hans Walter Wild Stadium
for 20,000 spectators

SVB-Indoor Pool
50-m-pool with 8 lanes

Ice rink
for 4,705 people

Triple gym
(with facilities for different sports)


Tourist Office
Opernstraße 22
95444 Bayreuth
Tel: 0049 (0)921 885 88;
Fax: 09049 (0)921 885 755


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