Stadt Bayreuth

Sports in Bayreuth

Statistically speaking, every third inhabitant of Bayreuth is a member of a sports association. There are about 24,000 members in over 60 associations. In basketball, ice hockey, soccer and table tennis Bayreuth has achieved success beyond the regional level. Numbers and lists can’t describe the town’s sports sufficiently. It is characterised by its wide variety: from aerobics to hiking, from billiards to weightlifting, from horse riding to golf. A wide range of public and private sports facilities is available.

But the associations of Bayreuth are not only remarkable due to their large number of members and promising new recruits. From amongst their ranks have come Bavarian champions, medallists at international championships and even at the Olympic and World games. Bayreuth teams have achieved nationwide acclaim in their various leagues in basketball, ice hockey and table tennis.

Popular and top sports are not in competition. Besides the widespread activities of the associations, the municipal sports council offers a variety of sports for young and old. The centre of most of the activities is the Bayreuth sports park. It combines a municipal ice rink, the 50 metre indoor swimming pool of the Bayreuth swimming club (one of the biggest indoor swimming pools owned by a club in Germany), the Oberfrankenhalle (multi-purpose hall), containing about 4,000 seats, and the municipal stadium to provide a perfect sports complex.

The investment was worthwhile; this is evident from the increasing number of high ranking competitions which take place in Bayreuth. For instance the European Nations Cup in table tennis, international women’s football matches, ice hockey, volleyball and basketball, the European youth football Championship or the international Bavarian cycling tour for professional and amateur cyclists.