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Bayreuth lies at the intersection of the axes of development in Europe. Thanks to being in direct proximity to A 9 and A 70 motorways as well as to numerous federal roads, the city is easily reached on both north-south (Berlin – Nuremberg – Munich) and east-west routes (Prague –Würzburg – Frankfurt/Main).

Indeed, several important economic centers and international airports are only between one and three hours away (Nuremberg 80 km, Würzburg 150 km, Leipzig 190 km, Munich 210 km; Frankfurt 250 km).
Moreover, there are direct train connections to Nuremberg and Dresden. Meanwhile, several long-distance coach lines include Bayreuth in their schedules, especially in serving the Munich – Nuremberg – Leipzig – Berlin route.
Furthermore, Bayreuth’s airfield Flugplatz Bayreuth is five kilometers north-east of the city center, close to the A9 motorway.


Bayreuth has a population of  74.398 (as of 30.06.2023).


The employment structure of the city reflects its function as a regional center, being the home of many public administrative authorities as well as the University of Bayreuth. The proportion of in-commuters lies at 60,2%.

Employees subject to social insurance contribution (status: 30.06.2023): 49.000

of which (rounded percentage):

agriculture, forestry and fishing: 0,3%

manufacturing trade: 23,1%

building trade: 5,3%

processing trade: 12,9%

other manufacturing trade: 4,9%

service trade: 76,7%

trade, hospitality and transport: 18,8%

Public administration, defence, education, human health and social work activities: 37,7%

Other services: 20,1%

The manufacturing sector is characterized by small-to-medium-sized enterprises. In 2021 there were 40 firms in the processing trades (with a workforce of more than 20). In addition, there are 922 crafts enterprises listed by the Chamber of Crafts (status 1.1.2024).



With its broadband funding program, the Free State of Bavaria progressively aims to extend high-speed broadband networks across Bavaria. The City of Bayreuth is participating in this program, and working on providing access to broadband as completely as possible for both citizens and businesses in Bayreuth. Today Bayreuth already offers in excess of 50 Mbits/s over large parts of its municipal area.


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