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Both the University of Bayreuth with its interdisciplinary orientation, and the great competency of companies located here in materials and production, are key factors for success in the Bayreuth location‘s innovation capabilities and a culture of close cooperation.

The very much research-oriented University of Bayreuth with its six faculties, has developed most dynamically since its founding in 1975. At the moment about 13,000 young people are studying here. Meanwhile, almost every second student comes from a federal state other than Bavaria, or from abroad. Good supervision, high academic standards, interdisciplinary cooperation and scientific excellence regularly secure the university top places in the rankings for tertiary institutions. Indeed, the University of Bayreuth cooperates with other tertiary schools in Upper Frankonia through TechnologieAllianzOberfranken (TAO).

The City of Bayreuth actively supports the growth of Bayreuth as a center of research and technology through is scientifically oriented city development and future-oriented industrial zoning. In this way scientific and research facilities continue to grow, not just on the campus of the university, but also in its vicinity, in the area of the Technology axis in the south of the city, to further promote the transfer of technology.

The tight intermeshing of basic research and its application is immediately apparent at various research institutes.

Material solutions for plastics, metals and material combinations are the core competencies of the New Materials Bayreuth GmbH (NMB) research facility. The focus is on aspects of sustainability, digitalization and energy.

Further, the Technology Axis has seen the building of two new Fraunhofer facilities over the last few years: The Fraunhofer-Center for High-Temperature Light-Weight Construction (HTL) for the development of new materials utilized under high temperatures, and the Fraunhofer Process Innovation Project Group, which supports companies in the areas of factory planning, production and assembly, as well as in supply chain and logistics.

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